Applied Korean Language

3111-7276 / 3943-9017
  • Rich learning resources available on the website of the Korean Language Education and Culture Centre
  • The first King Sejong Institute in Hong Kong recognised by the Korean government
  • Students can choose to experience Korea as an elective course

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Learning Activities

Korean Programme Team organises a wide variety of activities about Korean language and culture from time to time, providing students with more opportunities of practicing the language and experiencing the culture. Past activities include annual Korean Speech Contest, Korean Tea Music, Korean Traditional Drum Workshop, language exchange and short term intensive courses in Korea.

Programme Highlight

Students from a language school in Korea visited our students of higher diploma prgrammes students in Korean / Japanese in April 2011. They introduced each other to their cultures and languages and made friends.

A student of the Programme won the first prize in the singing contest in Korean Festival 2011.
Students of Korean are enjoying the language and culture exchange at Korean International School.

Students can take intensive Korean and culture courses in universities in Korea if they select the elective Experience Korea.

Students of Higher Diploma Programme in Applied Korean Language and Culture visit Korean Traditional and Contemporary Porcelain Exhibition.
Korean Drum and Traditional Dance Workshops taught by a musician and a dancer from Korea.

Korean Speech Contest 2011. Judges included major Korean official organisations in Hong Kong and Korean instructors. It is one of the best sharing opportunities for students.
In 2009, Korean Programme Team invited Korean Creative Music Society to stage a Korean tea music performance in Hong Kong, which was the first show in Asia outside Korea.

Our Korean instructor teaches Korean painting to the public on Open Day.
A students of Higher Diploma Programme in Applied Korean Language and Culture was named the Third Runner-Up in the 17th World Korean Speech Contest in 2012.

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