Applied Korean Language

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  • Provide students with solid foundation in Korean language and culture, and enable graduates to attain Level 3 or above in Test of Proficiency in Korean for further education and employment in Korean related field
  • Arrange summer Korean study tours offered by universities in Korea
  • Organise Korean cultural activities regularly for students to experience Korean culture and interact with Korean students
  • Rich learning resources available on the website of the Korean Language Education and Culture Centre
  • Students systematically learn the language from basic to advanced levels covering grammar, vocabulary and the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Fun learning materials such as K-pop, Korean drama and movies will be used to make the study easy and interesting


Advertorial: 香港中文大學高級文憑課程 交流+實習培養語文及傳播專才(published in AM730 on 22 June 2017)

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Vibrant School Life

We arranged various Korean culture and exchange programmes for our students to enhance their understanding of Korean language and culture.

Korean Festival Kick-off Ceremony
Korean Festival Workshops
Korean Day@Korean International School

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