Applied Korean Language

3111-7276 / 3943-9017
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  • Rich learning resources available on the website of the Korean Language Education and Culture Centre
  • Students can choose to experience Korea as an elective course

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Learning Activities

Experience Korea is the most popular learning activity for students. Classes will be arranged to learn Korean in Korea in summer. Students not only put into practice on what has been learned from the programme, but also experience Korean culture and expand their horizons. Students can gain fruitful experience during their 2-year Korean study at CUSCS.

Our students joined the 3-week Experience Korean programme in Kyung Hee University, Korea. The Korean learning was relaxed and happy.

We arranged various Korean culture and exchange programmes for our students to enhance their understanding of Korean language and culture.

Our students joined the 9th Korean Speech Contest and were the winners of the competition

Our students joined the Korean Day organized by Korean International School to have culture exchange with the native Korean students

Our students participated actively in extracurricular activities such as visits to Korean organizations, appreciation of Korean dancing and music, dressing up in Korean traditional costumes and information talk on Korea universities


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